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Enrich your experience with The Fairfax Choral Society by investing in our mission to enrich lives through the performance, education, and appreciation of choral art. Corporations, Foundations, and individual gifts help support the funding needed to bring all of our concerts to the Northern Virginia community as well as the many initiatives of the Fairfax Choral Society Youth Chorus Program including: the DaCapo Choirs, Lyric Choirs, Treble Choirs, Concert Choir, and Master Singers.

Here's How:
Six Core Values
  • Musical Excellence: As responsible stewards of the choral instrument and art form, we seek always to produce the highest quality music.
  • Artistic Integrity: We strive to honor the artistic vision of the composer, believing that as performers our craft is not to interpret, but to reveal.
  • Passion: Our passion for choral art transcends notes on a page and allows music to speak to the soul.
  • Commitment: The choral art is a community enterprise that is sustained by the wholehearted commitment of every member.
  • Respect: We demonstrate respect for all art forms and toward every person and organization with whom we interact.
  • Artistic Opportunity: We believe that the arts are not for the privileged few and that choral music uniquely offers everyone immediate and active participation in the re-creation of great works of art.
You Can...
  • JOIN US in shaping the future of one of Northern Virginia’s oldest choral societies!
  • INVEST in the future arts & culture of our city!
  • ENCOURAGE the education of countless future students in their appreciation of the meaning of the arts!

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