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General Musicianship

General musicianship classes are included in rehearsals for the Da Capo, Lyric, Treble, Concert Choir, & Master Singers. In musicianship classes, singers will learn age-appropriate vocal technique, pitch- and rhythm-matching skills, and ensemble teamwork. Curriculum is based on Kodály methodology.

Early Childhood Music Classes

Research shows that in-tune singing and movement skills are best developed in early childhood.  The activities in our early childhood music class are based on folk songs and traditional rhymes. This rich repertoire is best for the young child, because folk song is a natural means of melodic expression and flowing use of language.  The repertoire prepares young children for singing high-quality literature in our Da Capo Choirs.  Pedagogy is a Kodály-inspired approach based on “First Steps in Music,” developed by John Feierabend. FCS has classes in Annandale for ages infant – 4 years, and in Vienna for ages 3 – 4 years!

Class Structure

Parents are always welcome to sit in on classes if they wish (they are not required to do so).  Parents will also receive a copy of the focus song to review at home and to build a repertoire of simple songs and rhymes.

  • Greeting, gathering, welcoming songs
  • Pitch exploration
  • Song Fragments
    • Echo Songs
    • Call and Response Songs
  • Simple Songs
  • Percussion Exploration
  • Active listening
  • Child-Created Tunes
  • Movement Exploration
  • Movement with the Beat
  • Song Tales
  • Parent Sharing


Full Session (September – May): $335


Session 1 (September – December):  $167.50
Session 2 (January – April):  $167.50

Session 2 & 3 (January – May): $235

Session 3 (Mini-Session): (April-May): $135

2016-2017 Registration Form Coming Soon!!

Registration forms can be sent to the FCS office.  Feel free to call us at 703-642-3277 for more information!