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Symphonic Chorus Auditions

Auditions for our Symphonic Adult Chorus will be held in August, September, January, May, and June by appointment. To Set up a time, please call 703-642-3277 or us at (Subject: Symphonic Chorus Auditions).

Here is the audition information for the 2017-2018 season:

New Member Audition Piece

Membership Registration Form

Membership Handbook(2017-2018)

Requirements for Auditions
  • New members will be asked to sing a prepared piece of our choosing (portions of Morton Lauridsen’s Sure on This Shining Night) and a short sight-reading exercise.
  • Auditions are private with the Artistic Director.
  • Members are expected to read music and have experience singing in a choral group.
  • Members are also expected to be strong singers, able to carry their voice part in an ensemble, while blending with the overall choral sound.
Requirements for Membership
  • The Symphonic Chorus performs about four concerts per year. Members are expected to sing all concerts. A performance and rehearsal calendar is provided at the beginning of each season.
  • Rehearsals are Monday evenings, from 7:30-9:50 pm at Fairfax Presbyterian Church. Members are expected to attend all rehearsals. Additional orchestra rehearsals are held during the week of a performance.
  • Limited absences will be granted for business travel and/or illness.
  • Members are expected to sell concert tickets and encouraged to participate in fund-raising activities and volunteer opportunities.
Membership Dues and Other Fees 2016-2017
  • Dues for the full season are $415 (an early payment discount is available).
  • Part-year tuition is $315 (September-December or January-May).
  • For performances, men wear black tuxedos with black tie and cummerbund and women wear performance skirts & tops purchased through FCS.
  • Members purchase their own music, through FCS. Costs vary per concert.
Symphonic Chorus Audition Interest Form
Use this form to be contacted once we start scheduling our next auditions.
Youth Chorus Auditions

We are scheduling auditions for the 2016-2017 season now!  Auditions for our Annandale, Vienna, & Centreville Campus youth choruses are generally held in May/June, August/September, and January.

Auditioned Choirs:

  • Treble Choir, ages 9-13
  • Concert Choir, ages 9-15 (Annandale Campus only)
  • Master Singers, ages 13-18 (Annandale Campus only)

The Da Capo (ages 5-8) and Lyric (ages 7-10) Choirs require a “voice check” to place the singer in the correct musicianship class.  While all are generally accepted, voice checks are scheduled as auditions.

Each auditionee is asked to prepare a short song to sing that shows off their voice and personality. (This song can be anything from a favorite hymn to a song from the radio!) The director will walk them through the rest of the audition process.

To schedule an audition or voice check, please call the FCS office at 703-642-3277 or shoot us an email.

Audition Locations
  • Auditions and voice checks for the Annandale Campus are held at our Central Campus rehearsal location, Annandale United Methodist Church (6935 Columbia Pike Annandale, VA 22003).
  • Auditions and voice checks for the Vienna Campus (new location!) are held at our Vienna Campus rehearsal location, Vienna Baptist Church (541 Marshall Road, SW, Vienna, VA 22180).
  • Auditions for the Centreville Campus are held at our Centreville Campus rehearsal location, Centreville Presbyterian Church (15450 Lee Hwy, Centreville, VA 20120).
Requirements for Auditions

Treble Choir, Concert Choir (Annandale Campus), and Master Singers (Annandale Campus) 

Applicants will be evaluated regarding the following:

  • Ability to match pitch, both accompanied and unaccompanied
  • Ability to sing independently without assistance from the keyboard
  • Ability to demonstrate tonal memory through the repetition of melodic patterns
  • Ability to demonstrate rhythmic aptitude including maintaining a steady beat and following tempo changes
  • Ability to read simple melodies from a staff
  • Ability to read simple melodies from hand signs
  • Ability to reflect correction and redirection when asked to do so
  • Ability to demonstrate motor skills including moving in rhythm and clapping (accommodations will be made for any prospective member with a physical disability)
  • Ability to attend rehearsals and performances regularly
  • Ability to listen, follow directions, and be a positive and productive member of the chorus

Da Capo and Lyric Choirs

While these ensembles are open to all, prospective members will be evaluated on general musical, vocal, and motor skills to determine musical aptitude and placement with the proper choir.

Tuition and Other Fees 2016-2017

Full Year Tuition (2017-2018 season)

  • Da Capo Choir – $545
  • Lyric Choir – $545
  • Treble Choir – $595
  • Concert Choir – $595
  • Master Singers – $595

Part Year Tuition (Sept.-Dec. 2017, or Jan.-June 2018)

  • Da Capo Choir – $380
  • Lyric Choir – $380
  • Treble Choir – $430
  • Concert Choir – $430
  • Master Singers – $430

Scholarship opportunities for those undergoing financial hardship are available on a case-by-case basis. Please complete a Scholarship Application and return it to the FCS office for consideration.  FCS will make every effort to ensure all singers are able to participate.

Uniform fee is additional for the Treble Choir, Concert Choir, and Master Singers.

Youth Chorus Audition Interest Form
Use this form to be contacted once we start scheduling our next auditions.