From audience members:

“The opening song was one of the most amazing ‘in-person’ performances I’ve heard at any level. Happily and coincidentally, I had a seat near the center and was surrounded by voices from all directions. It was awesome.”

Paul Bergeron, talking about our Let There Be Peace on Earth concert, December 2010

“What a privilege it was to hear your concert!  The music selection was so unique, from medieval to modern, so many beautiful pieces that were new to me and a few favorites.”

“The full, rich, intensity of your voices blended quietly into a swelling wave, grounded by rich velvet underneath, while pure tones soared above.”

“[My daughter] called it ‘chocolate for the ears!’ – Perfect! Thank you all!”

Notes received from audience members after our  Light Everlasting concert, March 2010

“This performance was awesome! Thanks so much for the free admission to teachers!  I skipped church choir to come and it was well worth it.”

Kitty Reip, Shrevewood Elementary School

“What a wonderful experience! You [Doug] have an amazing program with the Fairfax Choral Society. Your love of music shines. The sharing of your gifts with so many must be rewarding. This was our first [concert] and we were glad we came. We will plan to see other concerts that you present.”

Debbie & Kevin McCarthy

“Your sound was glorious, breath-taking. The two hours I spent with you have refreshed my spirit; I’m ready to go back out and face the day’s new challenges. I am thrilled to have found you and look forward to hearing you again and again.”

Robert Mahaffey

From our singers:

“I sang with FCS as a youth for six years and could not wait to sing with the adults. Music has always been a big part of my life & FCS has always been “my” choir.”

Britney Linke

“I was impressed from the beginning with how organized and well-managed the group is, and the focus on producing great music. We work hard, and I’m astonished at how good an all-volunteer group can be. It is a wonderful relief from the daily grind and the hustle and hassle of my professional life – what a pleasure to be part of making beautiful music.”

Name Withheld by Request

“I sing with FCS for the sheer pleasure of rehearsing and performing at such a high level and for the continuing education that intelligent direction provides.”

Gary Glick

From our Youth Chorus parents:

“The musicianship class is an excellent method for learning theory and sight reading…I appreciate the excellence in technique that is taught in the choral sessions. I appreciate the “high bar” that is set and achieved by the youth…[My son] entered choir with a shy personality-most likely attributed to his speech difficulties and the inability to be understood by people for several years…He is doing great in speech therapy, but I know that the choir experience at the earlier age helped his confidence greatly. His first year into FCS, he surprised everyone and spoke up and volunteered for a speaking part in a church Christmas play.”

Name Withheld by Request

“We have seen great development in her singing voice and her confidence. She enjoys singing so much that she auditioned for a part in her school play this December. Since she is very shy, this has meant a great deal to us. Fairfax Choral Society has a world-class program for music education and performance. The children have sung throughout the DC area and have performed many different kinds of music. They have grown musically and intellectually, and have made great friends in the process.”

Name Withheld by Request

From professional artists:

“I should have loved to have spoken to the FCS members after the concert, because they all sang beautifully, and remembered all the points raised during rehearsal. The various groups of children all responded well to the tenants of each piece. Thank you very much for all that you did for me and for Rachel and Anne during our visit to the Fairfax Choral Society.”

Sir David Willcocks, acclaimed British choral conductor, May 2009

“…best wishes along with admiration for your innovative programming, which is certain to produce an evening of truly joyous music-making”

Composer John Williams, on the FCS original production, Hollywood Goes Choral, March 2003

In the press:

“The Fairfax Choral Society gave its patrons a once-in-a-lifetime experience Saturday night…Douglas Mears conducted this elaborate array of singers…in one of the season’s most powerful and engrossing music events…”

Washington Post, Voices of Light concert review June 2004

“[T]he choral society’s traditional sound, silvery in Randal Bass’s ‘Gloria,’ tender in ‘Silent Night,’ inspired an enthusiastic Christmas carol singaglong.”

Washington Post, National Symphony Orchestra Pops Happy Holidays concert review, December 2004

In 2002, FCS was a “Wammie” Nomineee for the Award for Choral groups, Classical by the Washington Area Music Association.